Remembering Ambrose Mena: A Legacy of Service and Dedication

Remembering Ambrose Mena: A Legacy of Service and Dedication

In the heart of Bryan, Texas, a name synonymous with plumbing excellence and community involvement has left an indelible mark on the town’s history. Ambrose Mena, the founder of Mena Plumbing, was not just a skilled plumber; he was a man of many talents and a dedicated community leader whose legacy continues to inspire.

Early Life and the Plumbing Passion

Ambrose Mena’s journey began in Honolulu, where he was born. It was here that the seeds of a century-old family business in the plumbing industry were sown. Ambrose’s passion for plumbing was evident from an early age, setting the stage for a remarkable career that would eventually lead to the founding of Mena Plumbing in 1959 in Bryan, TX.

Randy Mena

A Man of Many Titles

Ambrose Mena wore many hats throughout his life, each one a testament to his dedication to various facets of his community and profession. He was not just a plumber; he was a member of the Brazos Union Masonic Lodge No. 129 A.F.&A.M., a part of the Scottish Rite, and an active member of the Arabian Shrine Temple.

His commitment to the plumbing industry extended beyond his own business. Ambrose served as the president of the Brazos Valley Masters Plumbers Association, demonstrating his leadership within the local plumbing community.

Community Engagement: A Bryan Lions Club Leader

Ambrose Mena’s impact went well beyond the plumbing world. He was a past president of the Bryan Lions Club, an organization dedicated to serving the community through various charitable initiatives. His leadership in this capacity showcased his commitment to making Bryan a better place for all.

A Trusted Advisor: City of Bryan Grievance and Advisory Board

Ambrose also lent his expertise to the City of Bryan Grievance and Advisory Board, where his insights and guidance played a crucial role in addressing local issues and concerns. His participation exemplified his dedication to ensuring the well-being of his fellow citizens.

Building Bonds: The Brazos Valley Shrine Club and National Sojourners Association

Ambrose was more than just a community leader; he was a builder of bonds and friendships. His involvement in organizations such as the Brazos Valley Shrine Club and the National Sojourners Association allowed him to forge connections and strengthen the fabric of his community.

A Soldier’s Dedication: Captain in the U.S. Army

Ambrose Mena’s service to his country was equally admirable. He served as a captain in the U.S. Army during both World War II and the Korean War. His commitment to defending his nation mirrored his dedication to serving his community and exemplified the values he held dear.

A Faithful Journey: Central Baptist Church

Ruth and Ambrose Mena

Ambrose was a devoted member of Central Baptist Church since 1957, where his faith and values found a home. His presence and contributions to the church community were as significant as his contributions to the broader Bryan community.

Legacy and Family

Ambrose Mena’s legacy lives on through the generations he inspired. His son Randy, who have continued Ambrose’s work at Mena Plumbing.

Ambrose Mena’s life serves as a shining example of the positive impact one person can have on their community. He was a man who dedicated his time, talents, and energy to making Bryan, Texas, a better place. As we remember his life and contributions, we are reminded that his legacy of service and dedication will continue to inspire us all for generations to come.

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