I think I have a leak, what should I do?

You will probably notice liquid somewhere, but it’s important to not diagnose something over the phone. Often, It is helpful to discover where the leak is coming from. I often recommend turning off the emergency valve. Then, reach out as soon as you’re able to with as many details as possible. Call Mena Plumbing to reach a calm solution to your plumbing emergency.

What is plumbing “code”?

Plumbing code is a collaboration between plumbers, builders, and regulators to highlight safety. Anytime the consumer hires a non-licensed person they are hiring someone with little to no training for their safety.

The bathroom faucet does not drip UNLESS the toilet is flushed, or some other faucet is turned on. What does this mean?

It might be a coincidence. All the devices are measured to send out an exact amount of water. Possibly, leaking faucets could be caused by more than just mechanical problems with the faucets. It would be a good idea to call a licensed plumber.

Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

In Texas, Master plumbers need a minimum of 8 years of job training. The state board of Texas maintains critical education for plumbers to learn essential safety procedures. There is a lot that goes into the training so the customer shouldn’t hire an inexperienced plumber.

What is the appropriate height for a gas water heater?

In the garage, it needs to sit 18 inches off the floor.