Celebrating a Century of Excellence: Mena Family 100th Year in the Plumbing Business

Celebrating a Century of Excellence: Mena Family 100th Year in the Plumbing Business

A Legacy Rooted in Dedication and Family Values

The story of the Mena family’s remarkable century in the plumbing industry begins with Joe Mena, the elder brother of Ambrose Mena. Joe was the visionary who initiated the family’s venture into the plumbing trade. Later, when Ambrose Mena arrived in Bryan, TX, he founded Mena Plumbing, carrying forward the family’s plumbing legacy with a commitment to excellence.

The Journey Begins: Immigration and Early Years

Image of Ruth Ambrose and Randy Mena.
Randy with his parents, Ruth and Ambrose Mena in front of original business location in Bryan. 1960

The Mena’s family traces back to 1911, when they immigrated from Spain to the picturesque islands of Hawaii. It was here that they took their first steps into the plumbing trade. However, the true journey in plumbing began in 1924, when the family relocated to California and decided to make plumbing their vocation.

Ambrose Mena: A Legacy Continues

In 1937, a pivotal moment occurred when Randy Mena’s father, Ambrose Mena, became deeply involved in the plumbing trade. His dedication to the craft was undeniable, but his career was momentarily interrupted by the tumultuous events of World War II. However, Ambrose’s passion for plumbing persevered, and he soon returned to the profession that ran through his family’s veins.

Ambrose Mena, founder of Mena Plumbing

Adapting to Change: A Move to Texas

The year 1949 brought significant change to Mena Plumbing. A labor strike within the plumber’s union in California prompted the Mena family to make a momentous decision—to relocate to Texas. Ambrose, always eager to expand his knowledge and skills, seized the opportunity to further his education at Texas A&M University, thanks to the GI Bill that supported veterans after his service in the military from 1942 to 1946. However, history intervened once more with the outbreak of the Korean War from 1950 to 1952, further delaying Ambrose’s plumbing journey.

1959: A New Beginning in Bryan, TX

The turning point for Mena Plumbing came in 1959 when they officially opened their doors in Bryan, Texas. This marked the establishment of a locally renowned plumbing business that has been a cornerstone of the Bryan and College Station communities ever since. Ownership remained firmly within the Mena family, ensuring that the tradition and values of the business continued to thrive.

Ambrose Mena with sons, Duane and Randy.

A New Generation Takes the Helm

Image of Randy Mena.
Randy Mena

In 1992, the torch was passed to Randy Mena, marking a new chapter in Mena Plumbing’s storied history. Randy’s leadership and commitment to excellence upheld the family legacy, driving the company forward with a dedication to exceptional service and quality workmanship.

A Century of Quality and Commitment

As the Mena Family reaches its 100th year in the plumbing business, it stands as a testament to the power of family, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the plumbing trade. Through decades of challenges and triumphs, Mena Plumbing has maintained its commitment to serving the Bryan and College Station communities with integrity, expertise, and a deep-rooted sense of pride.

Randy and Sharon Mena

The Future of Mena Plumbing

Looking ahead, Mena Plumbing remains committed to its core values while embracing modern technologies and practices to better serve its customers. The next century promises continued excellence and innovation, building upon the strong foundation laid by the Mena family over the past 100 years.

Join Us in Celebrating a Century of Excellence

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