Leaking Pipe

Slab Reroute to Repair Leaking Pipes

This customer reported water standing in the garage. Mena Plumbing was called to diagnose and repair the plumbing issue. A broken pipe was discovered so a slab reroute was performed to repair the issue. Finding and locating manifolds that apply to repairing the leak requires thought of the original plumbing installation. After locating the two ends that hold the leaking line, a route of installation has to be determined.



Subject of construction

Leaking pipes underground.

Construction date

January 6, 2022

Plumbing Service

Leaking Pipes


Concord Circle, College Station, TX 77845


30.595734972957, -96.277527809143

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  1. Bill Moore

    Randy was on time, had what he needed to take care of my problems, was friendly and courteous, and very reasonably priced. What more could you ask for! I can’t recommend Mena plumbing high enough!

  2. Gerianne Alexander

    Very responsive, efficient, and (most importantly) effective!

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