Leaking Pipe in the Wall

Leaking Pipe Inside the Walls

Leaking pipes in the wall can cause substantial damage. This customer called Mena Plumbing to repair a water leak in the wall. The repair included cutting out the sheetrock and rebuilding the manifold (cold) in the wall. Piping systems whether being used or not are under at least 80# pressure 24/7. Pipe and fittings are designed to operate at 150# pressure maximum. Subject to human error in installation or at the manufacturer, problems can arise over time. If pipes are visible it is important to occasionally check visually for any leaks.

Site name

Repair of Leaking Pipes in Wall of Homeowner



Subject of construction

Leak in Pipes in the Wall

Construction date

September 16, 2021

Plumbing Service

Leaking Pipes


Ravenwood Dr., Bryan, TX 77802


30.656520224965, -96.308491230011

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